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B.I.P Productions is an upcoming record production duo consisting of Laure Kamalandua and Nicolas Voleak Gyselinck. With their revolutionary productions, they managed to impress many people internationally.

Laure Kamalandua (born on March 9, 1993) is the founder of the productions team. At age seven she began writing lyrics and found it quite difficult to explain her rhythm to other persons, cause it's impossible to tell them what you hear in your mind. It's personal and intimate. Sharing these thoughts with no one else but herself, she kept on writing. After four years of writing, she wanted to expand her musical skills. Searching for an application to produce beats with she bumped into FL Studio. It took her 3 months to understand the basic things FL Studio has to offer. When she became good at producing, the first songs got released on Myspace. Lots of people gave a positive feedback. Presenting herself as "Miss B.I.P", she was a solo producer until she met Nicolas (born on October 22, 1994) on a social networking site called "Netlog". They got along well with each other. Being both young and talented beings, they always had something to talk about a.e their common dream to achieve as many career goals as possible. They made their first series of beats in the fall of 2008. By that time, Nicolas became top notch in producing with FL Studio. Generally he used to start a project with magnificent drums and synths, while Laure spent her time mixing, arranging and editing the instrumentals. She taught him a lot about producing and the music business in general. "Nicolas had so much to offer, musically. The pitiful thing was that he had a lack of technique at the beginning of our collaborations. We always corrected each others beats. That's why we became better and better every day." Their collaborations got attention from Dre McKenzie (G-Unit, A&R) and Dino Delvaille (Universal, A&R) on the Musicplacements show. While achieving many desires, they released their first album "The Vintage" on 22 April. The album is available in many online stores such as iTunes, Windows Media, Amazon, Rhapsody & Napster.